Mission Statement

Established Malaysian Telecommunication service company for facilities provider & Communication Technology.

Recognized independent telecom- munications project management one-stop-center in advising government and private clients on telecommunications facilities.


Project Management is a key to
ensure the success.


Facilities are used for the project
management purpose.


We will implement the project with quality installation.

Our Expertise

We design and develop the Telecommunication Facilities

The built sites were shared between the Telcos company, either Celcom, Digi, U Mobile, YTL or Maxis, etc. Desabina will own the sites and maintain the facilities, while each telcos will responsible on the equipment respectively.

Telecommunication Survey

Conduct Site Survey with RF Engineers, Transmission (Microwave) Engineers and Civil Engineers. Discuss with them what need to be done, provide the best required spot for RF and transmission design (LoS). Advise in term of the site feasibility and commercial implication for the critical location.


We support and sponsor for local community events.